Travel Tips

Travel Essentials

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In preparation for your next trip, you might become stuck on the age-old question: What to pack…what to pack?

Well, worry no more! We’ve assembled a list of easy-to-forget items, so that you can be sure that you have all of your travel necessities.

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether you’re on a plane with a fussy baby, or in the airport trying to Facetime your loved ones, a pair of noise cancelling headphones can be a real life-saver.

  1. Face Wipes and Travel-Sized Toothpaste

Nobody likes to arrive at their destination feeling gross and grimy. Pack some face wipes, a travel-sized tube of toothpaste—and your toothbrush, of course—so that you reach your destination feeling refreshed.

  1. Colorful Luggage Strap

Not only will a colorful luggage strap ensure that your luggage doesn’t bust open, but it will also make it much easier to spot your luggage among all of the other black suitcases at the airport baggage claim.

  1. Travel Sleep Kit

While yes, it is sometimes difficult to take a snooze while on the go, a travel sleep kit—complete with a neck pillow, ear plugs, and an eye-mask—will help you catch some Zs on your next plane, train, or car ride.

  1. Easily Refillable Travel Bottles

Have you ever tried to shove your giant shampoo and body wash bottles into your luggage, only to have them stick out from the top of your bag? Avoid this hassle—and cut down your luggage weight—by using airport security-friendly travel sized bottles.

  1. Wireless Phone Charger

While traveling, your phone battery tends to drain a lot faster than you would expect. To avoid being caught in an area that doesn’t have a single outlet in sight, bring along your wireless phone charger—just don’t forget to charge it before you leave the house.

  1. Reusable Plastic Bags

Reusable plastic bags can be useful in a variety of situations, whether it’s to go through airport security, to isolate a damp clothing article from the rest of your luggage, or to protect your smaller gadgets from unexpected rain.

Now that you have all of the essentials, you can stop worrying about what to pack and start getting pumped about your next adventure!

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